Unique Features

Total Customization

In addition to assigning your own domain, logo and colors you can give your storefront completely custom look because we support Twig templates.

B2B and Retail

CartSpark is not only a B2B eCommerce solution but also comes with full Retail Storefront feature built in. Manage your B2B and Retail in one place.

Multiple Price Lists

Create different price lists for different customer groups. Don't assign any price to hide the product from certain group of customers.

Returns / Exchange

Let your customer submit return requests. Process returns and issue credit or replacements. See return rates of your products and customers.

Pay Later & ACH (eCheck)

Allow some customers to pay later and enable adding bank accounts for low fee ACH (0.8% capped at $5 per transaction) payments.

Shipping Rates & Labels

Display real shipping rates and transit times from UPS FedEx USPS. Quickly create shipping labels with automatically filled out weight & package dimensions.

Order Requirement

Set minimum order amount or minimum product quantity for your customers so that they wont be able to place an order until they reach that amount.

Product Reservations

Show your customers when you will be receiving more products and let them reserve certain quantities from incoming shipments. See the details of product reservations.

Combo Products

Sell product combos that are made of multiple different products (even if they are shipped separately) and keep track of stock of each comprising item separately.

Embed Code

Get HTML code of a single product (or group of products) to embed the product info and 'Add to Cart' button as well as enable checkout on any website, blog or social media page.

Master Customer Accounts

Give your customers ability to control orders and returns their sub-accounts make on your website. Ideal for businesses with multiple locations.

Bill 3rd Party

Assign 3rd party shipping accounts for customers who prefer to use their own shipping accounts. Your shipping staff does not have to memorize shipping preferences of each client anymore, everything is automatic.


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